Dimension Drifter

Doom-like shooter Dimension Drifter enters Early Access

This third-person shooter inspired by classics like Doom lets you crush the Old Gods through different realities.

Hamburg based indie studio BlueEagle Productions announced today that its new title, the doom-like gory shooter Dimension Shooter, has entered Steam’s Early Access and will remain in it for at least one year. Players can get it with a 15% launch discount price tag.

Dimension Shooter is a third-person shooter heavily inspired in foundational shooters like Doom, Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem. “Dimension Drifter is a mature, bloody third-person shooter inspired by true classics such as Doom and Diablo”, says Paul Schneider, founder of BlueEagle Productions. “Just like my preceding hits, the game has been exclusively designed by me”. Its narrative bases itself on a dimension traveller character in a quest to save his universe from the invasion of the Ancient Gods.

Schneider refers to his previous title, which received very positive reviews by the users, called Unloved, also heavily inspired in Doom and with stunning graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4. Unloved was based on the community award-winning Doom2 mod.

Dimension Drifter

Dimension Drifter features the following key aspects, as described by Schneider himself:

  • Super fluid action gameplay. Tight controls compared with animation cancelling actions make you feel in absolute control 100% of the time.
  • Brutal Action combined with a deep Pen&Paper RPG world. The World of Dimension Drifter has been created over a period of 15 years as a Pen&Paper RPG foundation.
  • Endless levels that are randomly arranged each time you play. But robots can’t design intuitive maps. As a modern mapper for the original Doom, I’ve added certain intelligence to the level creation to make it feel as humanly crafted as possible. Each room piece is also designed by hand to give everything you see a man-made feel.
  • Thousands of randomized progression items. Like in Diablo and other loot-oriented games, the game offers almost endless combinations of items you can find to improve your Drifter.

Dimension Drifter can be purchased right now in its Early Access stage for USD $19.99, or USD $16.99 with a 15% discount price on launch.