Journalist simulator Headliner goes live in October

Are you prepared to balance reporting while meeting quotas? The city awaits your decisions. 

Polish Indie developer Jakub Kasztalski, founder of Unbound Creations studio, announced today that his journalist simulator Headliner: NoviNews will launch on October 23rd on Steam. If you’re a fan of simulators, this new title might prove to be a unique experience.

Headliner: NoviNews puts players in the flesh of a news editor working in the biggest outlet in the world, with the task of deciding which stories to run and which to ignore, with a unique twist that allows players to see how their decisions influence public action as they take a walk around the city each night.

And as an accurate simulator on the news industry, Headliner poses many moral questions like sacrificing credibility in favor of sensationalism and shocking headlines in order to get more clicks and revenue. This awkward balance is something players will have to have in mind when also having public opinion in their hands.


Riots, accidents and attacks may happen as a result of our editorial stances and what and how we decide to publish. “Headliner: NoviNews offers a unique spin on the job sim genre with a timely take on the harsh realities of journalism. Perpetually tasked with predicaments that put your artistic and moral integrity in conflict with the capitalist need for clicks, you’ll have to navigate the messaging behind massive societal conflicts,” said Unbound Creations founder and director Jakub Kasztalski. “It’s a mad, mad world out there, and Headliner: NoviNews investigates the difficulties in bringing people together in a society predicated on juicy controversies that drive us increasingly apart.”, reads the latest press release from Jakub Kasztalski.

Unbound Creations has worked previously on Postmortem: One Must Die, Karaski… What Goes Up and now prepares the release of Headliner: NoviNews for October 23rd on Steam.