99Floors $5000 cash prize remains unclaimed

This game claims to be harder than Dark Souls. Will you tackle the challenge?


British solo developer Luke Powell informed today that the USD $5000 cash prize intended to be given as a prize to the first player to beat his game, 99Floors, remains unclaimed after 5 months of the title’s release. 99Floors was released originally on Itch.io and quickly became viral for both its difficulty and prize money.

99Floors is a punishing dungeon crawler-esque platformer with retro pixel art and heavy inspiration in classic franchises like Mario, Zelda and Sonic.

But the prize wasn’t always USD $5000. Originally, Powell set the number to USD $1000 and increased it as sales rised, and they did. His challenge, asking players to pay USD $10 for his game and try to beat it for a guaranteed cash prize was enough to make people share their experiences and make 99Floors increasingly popular.

But Powell doesn’t lie, he admits his game is very, very hard. “If you are here thinking you will spend $10 and beat this game on your first try and win the cash pool then you have no idea what you are getting yourself into.”, reads the competition’s description in the game’s official website.


99Floors has been so popular that Powell had to set a cap to the prize money in order to prevent it from scaling too much. It’s limit is the now steady number of USD $5000. Powell has actually joked about his game making Dark Souls look easy.

The requirements to participate in this competition are as follows:

  • Complete the game without the use of cheats, or any modifications or glitch exploitation
  • Complete all floors without dying
  • Must be completed on the latest version
  • Must be completed in single player. CO-OP Completions are currently not accepted.

Think you can beat the game and earn those juicy USD $5000? Head on to the game’s website and learn more. You can also try 99Floors in-site, online and through Itch.io.