Beat Hazard 2

Your music shapes Beat Hazard 2, now on Early Access

One-man studio Cold Beam Games launched its music responsive space shooter.

British one-man studio Cold Beam Games announced today the beginning of the Steam’s Early Access stage for its new fast-paced twin-stick space shooter Beat Hazard 2, where players shape gameplay with their own music tracks. This new entry improves graphic quality and adds some innovative mechanics.

Beat Hazard 2 is a classic arcade space shooter with an interesting twist, players choose their soundtracks with their own music, whether via Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music or YouTube, players can play through their favourite bands and songs. Beat Hazard features responsive gameplay, meaning that the game changes pace, difficulty and looks depending on what type of music players decide to play to.

This responsive gameplay has now a new twist with this second entry of Beat Hazard, where players will face boss fights that will be procedurally generated by what music players are listening to, making each encounter unique. Nobody knows what boss will spawn with your tracks.

Beat Hazard 2

Moreover, with the new “per song leaderbords” feature, players can battle their friends to be the best at a particular song. Internet radio from ShoutCast is supported by Beat Hazard 2, allowing players to discover new music and let it shape their experience all at the same time.

With support for every audio file extension, your downloaded music is also eligible to be in your game. All of this, added to the upgraded visuals and lighting effects make Beat Hazard 2 a brand new experience for players having already played the first game.

Players can pick up Beat Hazard 2 on its Early Access phase right now through Steam for USD $18.99. Those of which that decide to buy during launch will get a 15% discount price and a 20% if they happen to own Beat Hazard 1.