Skill-based FPP Elderborn enters Early Access next week

This metal-infused melee slasher is great for players that always wanted a mix between Skyrim and Doom.

Polish indie developers at Hyperstrange will launch their new first-person perspective old-school melee slasher Elderborn to Steam’s Early Access next week, on October 11th. Elderborn got very positive feedback during its presentation on PAX West, being described as “one of my most highly-anticipated games of this year” by outlets like Windows Central.

Early Access players will be able to play the game as an adept warrior making its way through a dungeon filled with traps, hazards, enemies and a dark environment tainted by death. Publishers at Crunching Koalas have stated that Elderborn doesn’t hold the player’s hand and let’s them explore the game mechanics by themselves.


As Elderborn’s latest press release reads, Early Access players will “love” the game if:

  • they’re suckers for skill-based melee combat and subscribers of the GIT GUD philosophy of gaming
  • they’re sick of procedurally-generated content and for a change they’d like to explore extensive, hand-designed, devious dungeons
  • they feel that ending a life of an enemy with a well-placed kick is something that’s been missing from their life
  • they always wanted to find out how DOOM would feel if it had swords and a warhammer instead of guns
  • they miss the old-school feel of a game that does not hold their hand
  • they pray at the altars of Dio, Lemmy and other mighty Gods of Metal

No price has been announced for the Early Access version of Elderborn, so we’ll have to wait until its release on October 11th, just next week. You can fin out more about this classic metal-infused melee slasher at its Steam’s store page here.