Smash Hit Plunder

Wreck fest Smash Hit Plunder hits PS4 today

Play solo or team up with your friends to pick up and destroy everything you see in a mysterious castle. 

Cornwall based indie studio Triangular Pixels announced today the highly anticipated release of their object smashing game Smash Hit Plunder to Playstation 4 and Playstation VR. The Cornish studio partnered up with publishers at Perp Games in order to bring their creation to Sony’s console.

In Smash Hit Plunder up to 4 players using either VR headsets or controllers are tasked with destroying everything they see around a mysterious castle filled with trasure to be unearthed. Every little corner could hide new rewards, so be sure to pick up everything you see and be sure to wreck it completely.

“Smash Hit Plunder offers a genuine opportunity for people to experience the future of multiplayer VR gaming. The fun and excitement we have experienced and witnessed when people play Smash Hit Plunder together, convinced us that Triangular Pixels have developed a truly wonderful multiplayer VR game.”, said Rob Edwards, MD of Perp Games.

Smash Hit Plunder

Whether you decide to play the solo campaign using your VR headset or play with a full party of friends in co-op or versus mode, the latter putting 2v2 in two different rooms and competing to see which team wins.

“We’re incredibly proud of Smash Hit Plunder, having spent over 4 years developing the game we’re looking forward to players enjoying it for many years to come. Coming to disk is a dream for any developer and we’re very grateful for Perp to offer their support to breakthrough studios like ours.”, said Katie Goode, Creative Director of Triangular Pixels.

Smash Hit Plunder can be picked up right now and through the Playstation Store at a price tag of £24.99. Physical copies are also available in retail stores.