Executive Assault 2

Space RTS/FPS Executive Assault 2 enters Early Access

Manage your space empire from above or get in the boots of your army in this unique hybrid.

Solo indie developer Robert Hesketh, founder and leader of Hesketh Studios, announced today the beginning of the Early Access stage of a unique RTS/FPS hybrid game called Executive Assault 2. The game acts as a sequel for Executive Assault, in which players took over the role of a corporate CEO with the mission to take over the planet.

In Executive Assault 2 we’ll get a similar mission but in space. After the destruction of the Earth, take over the role of another corporate CEO, this time with the task of taking over planets and systems over the quadrant. Build bases, gather resources, manage assets and put together an army to get out there and conquer it all.

Executive Assault 2

But Executive Assault 2 has a pretty unique take on the RTS genre, fusing it with FPS elements, as players will be able to get on the action first hand with just one click, getting in the boots of a single unit in his army and head boardings and open space battles from the perspective of one individual soldier.

“In Tactical Mode players leave behind their assault rifle in favour of a control panel as they command their fleet aboard the bridge of their space station. From there, players can research over 60 technologies and build 14 different units including 12 ships and multiple soldiers – all of which can be upgraded with 28 different skills in the game’s diverse upgrade tree.”, explains Hesketh Studios through its latest press release.

Executive Assault 2

Executive Assault 2 also features a multiplayer PvE experience in which players can team up to execute their master plans of dominance. “One player assumes the role of CEO and tactician and the other, a soldier or ship unit, with all the loot split straight down the middle.”

Executive Assault 2 is out now through Steam’s Early Access program with a price tag of USD $24.99.