The Red Strings Club devs releasing surprise new game

Everything we know about ‘11.45 A Vivid Life.’


Spanish indie developers at Deconstructeam, responsible for the critically acclaimed dialogue based cyberpunk tale The Red Strings Club released earlier this year, are working on a brand new short story called ‘11.45 A Vivid Life.’ It’s planned to be released shortly on

The game was originally intended to participate in ‘A Game By Its Cover’ game jam. However, lead developer at Deconstructeam, Jordi de Paco, told The Indie Game Website that they finally decided to finish the project and launch it separately and not for the contest.

11.45 A Vivid Life

As Jordi de Paco described, “It’s a story about a girl that is convinced that his skeleton is not hers. So she steals an X-Ray machine and heads over to an empty field in order to investigate her own body. It’s something strange and experimental. Our aim is to try new things.”

The only visual information we’ve got at the moment for 11.45 A Vivid Life is a GIF that Jordi published with a small piece of dialogue that the main protagonist has with herself as she starts investigating her own body in order to clear out her doubts.

The game appears to have the same gameplay mechanics as The Red Strings Club, that being a dialogue-based adventure with beautiful pixel art graphics and a compelling story. Jordi also said that the author of the highly praised soundtrack from The Red Strings Club, going by the artistic name The Fingerspit, will again be in charge of this new game’s OST.

11.45 A Vivid Life is planned to be released for PC through, and although no official release date has been confirmed, we do know there won’t be much more time to wait until we can try this new title.