CoffeeBiz Tycoon

CoffeeBiz Tycoon Early Access starts this month

Time to take your Espresso and Cappuccino seriously.

Brought to you by solo developer The Sociopath Software, CoffeeBiz Tycoon, the simulator that will make you take your coffee seriously, is entering Early Access this month on Steam. With a unique mix of entrepreneurship fun and complicated business simulation. Get ready to start your first coffee kiosk, brew some lovely coffee, expand, hire and deal with competitors as you build your brand into a prosperous and profitable business. In addition, if you love pixel art, the game is created in an isometric pixel art graphic style with dynamic lighting, giving the game its own unique look and feel.

Some of the key features CoffeeBiz Tycoon includes are:

  • Pixel-perfect 2.5D graphics with dynamic lighting
  • Two game modes: sandbox and scenarios.
  • Different locations to explore and decide where is the best location to run business
  • Kiosk to brew coffee and sell it to customers. Buy ingredients, place coffee machine and barista, set prices, promote and make money.
  • Four customer types with different needs and demand to analyse.
  • Employees to hire, fire, motivate and educate. Assign them to the barista, assistant or managers positions. Watch for their energy and mood.
  • Equipment (like coffee machines) to research, buy, service and repair to keep coffee quality and brew speed at high levels
  • Random events like employee illness, vandalism, and other that will affect your operations and sales
  • Office with the manager to organise and improve business operations and research new business opportunities
  • Detailed finance simulation
  • Unlimited amount of business strategies to try out

Be sure to check out the game for yourself via the CoffeeBiz Tycoon Steam page when it launches into Early Access this month.