Futuristic brawler Varion launches next month

Blast your friends at the speed of light.

Developer RunDisc, alongside independent game publisher Light Maze, has announced that Varion, the futuristic brawler, is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on November 8th, 2018. In this high-powered brawler where only bounce shots are lethal, you’ll have to use your most cunning strategies to defeat your friends or AI. Within this futuristic world, with retro tones, go for it to avoid the enemy shots and do not stop on the way if you want to reload your ammunition. All of this can be played together in cooperation or alone against all, play tournament mode or go challenge mode fighting the Bots to go hunting high-scores.

Some of the features Varion includes are:

  • Original gameplay based on bounce shots: Take advantage of the walls to blast your opponents!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master dual-stick gameplay that will suit every gamer types, from casual to hardcore.
  • Fast-paced local battles for up to 4 players. Play solo or team up with your friends: 1v1v1v1, 2v2, 1v3, 1v1v2,…
  • Diversified booby-trapped environments which won’t give you a break : exploding electrodes, gas jets, rambling Minotaur, portals, …
  • A dash move to avoid enemy shots, throw them back, or push your opponents.
  • Original dynamo-based reloading system: don’t camp or you’re dead!
  • Deadly power-ups to heat up the brawl: cluster shots, melee blades, IEM bombs and more.
  • Hours of non-stop fun thanks to procedural stages and a highly customisation battle configuration tool.
  • A solo/coop Challenge mode to sharpen your skills against bots and beat your high-scores.

Be sure to head over to the Varion Steam page and put the game on your wishlist if you are interested and keep an eye out on the Nintendo eShop when it launches next month.