Wargroove release date pushed to 2019

A few more turns to go.

Chucklefish Games have announced that their turn-based strategy game, Wargroove, has had a release date adjustment. Originally slated to be released in late 2018, the developers of this pixel adventure have shared in a recent development blog that we won’t get to take our turn until Q1 2019.

Although the team have shared that work on the game is in the final stages they, ”want to be 99.9% confident before” they give a ”specific date”. Despite this delay, they have shared more information about the mechanics of the game with a handy list. The in-game content includes:

  • Skirmish Mode: 30+ two-player PVP maps, 10+ three player PVP maps & 6+ four player PVP maps. This works both online and offline, can be played vs CPU in any configuration. Allows you to configure weather, turn timer, fog of war, income, map biome, Commanders and teams. Online matches can be synchronous or asynchronous and can have many matches running at once.
  • Arcade Mode: Each Commander has its own arcade in which you fight 5 opponents in succession, on randomly chosen PVP maps. Each character talks to their opponent at the start of each fight and ends with a full cutscene when their arcade mode is completed – similar to fighting games! A great way to learn about all of the characters.
  • Campaign Mode: 33+ Missions of varying length where you play as many different Commanders. Each mission starts and ends with a cutscene, some with cutscenes in the middle. Totals between 1 hour to 1hr30 of cutscene content!
  • Puzzle Mode: 25+ extremely challenging puzzles where you have to defeat the enemy in a single turn.
  • Map Creation: Easy to use basic tools/map painting. Advanced scripting tools for frankly ridiculous possibilities. Cutscene creation in-game, with really detailed tools that allow you to dress up your maps or campaign with a story. Includes a decoration System with fine control over the visuals of the map.
  • Codex: Details the history of the world with lore and bio on all Commanders. Strategy info, rules and nice artwork of grooves. Damage charts for each unit with lots of unlockables.

While we’ll have to wait a little longer for it, the game will be released onto PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To find out more about Wargroove, visit their website.