Monster Sanctuary

Monster taming metroidvania Monster Sanctuary gets new trailer

This new title mixes RPG, exploration and elements from franchises like Monster Hunter and Pokemon.

Monster Sanctuary, a new title that merges elements from the metroidvania genre and games like Monster Huner and Pokemon, launched yesterday its new Kickstarter campaign in order to raise €20,000 and to fund its full development. The project is lead by industry veteran Denis Sinner, from Moi Rai Games, who worked in big franchises like Might and Magic and Tropico.

With the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, Monster Sanctuary got a new trailer showing many gameplay aspects of this new title that takes players to a fantasy land where they can tame, train and develop their own team of beasts that roam this world. Those companions will join players through their journies, engaging in strategic combat with other characters or wild beasts.

With both exploration and metroidvania elements, this hybrid that also adds heavy RPG elements within a pixel art world promises to be an immersive and fun experience for lovers of franchises like Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Digimon and any metroidvania title.

Monster Sanctuary

“As the youngest heir of an ancient bloodline of proud Monster Keepers, you step out into the world to follow in your ancestors’ footsteps. You will gather a party of monsters to grow and train. Meanwhile, a series of unsettling events worries the experienced Keepers of the Monster Sanctuary. This is the beginning of a journey to unravel the cause of a mystery that threatens the peace between humans and monsters.”, reads Monster Sanctuary’s Kickstarter page.

With 30 days to go, this campaign has already got 62 backers, reaching €1,661 with just a couple of hours since it’s gone live. A 2-hour demo is available for free for anyone wanting to test the game before deciding to support the devs at Steam and Game Jolt.

“Currently, about 80% of the planned features of Monster Sanctuary are already implemented. What we’re mainly working on now is more content. The demo contains 3 areas and at least 2-3 hours of playable content. For the final game we plan to have at least 10-12 areas, 10-15 hours of playable content plus multiple end game features that can provide a lot more gameplay time.”, explained Moi Rai Games.