Museum Volume I

History puzzle game Museum Volume I out today

Ever wanted to roam an empty museum at night? 

One-man development studio Wreck Tangle Games, responsible for the first-peron thriller Alaska, announced today the release of its new title, the history puzzle Museum Volume I. This is the first entry of an episodic trilogy that contains 4 “exhibits” in this first installment.

“The exhibits are packed full of puzzles, which our protagonist must solve to move forward in his story. As each exhibit opens up to the player, the complexity of the puzzles evolve.”, said the man behind Wreck Tangle Games, song writer, graphic designer, music composer and game developer, Orion Moon.

Museum Volume I is a first-person puzzle game set inside a museum’s exhibit at night and players take the role of Todd Trainer, in charge of security at The Royal Foyer Museum in England. After taking a nap while on duty, Todd wakes up to a surprise: every security camera in the museum has been turned off and it’s up to him to turn them back on by solving a series of puzzles based on different historical periods covered through the building.

Museum Volume I

Powered by game engine Unity, Museum Volume I paves a journey through four distinct historical eras, teaching players about the legacy of civilizations such as the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and the Aztecs.

AWith some nice looking environments, Museum Volume I seems to be a nice challenge for puzzle solvers in the gaming community, as well as history enthusiasts and curious minds alike. This title is also a nice opportunity for anyone who ever wanted to roam an empty museum at night.

Moon’s previous game, Alaska, was a first-person crime thriller set in a small town in Alaska, where players had to solve the murder of a woman who’s corpse appeared in the town’s airstrip. With a population of just five families, this title had a darker tone to it and was much more dialogue based experience where players had to choose who to trust in order to get to the truth.

Museum Volume I is available as of today through Steam at a seriously low price tag of £/$0.99. To learn more about Orion Moon’s music, games and other artistic creations, you can visit his official website.