Warframe Fortuna

Warframe “Fortuna” expansion coming this week

Exciting and highly anticipated new Warframe content for every Tenno out there. 

Free to play looter-shooter MMO Warframe will be getting its highly awaited new expansion named “Fortuna” this week. Developers at Digital Extremes have been teasing with this new open-world scenario for a pretty long time now, being this its second massive area ever to be included in the game after Plains Of Eidolon was released last year.

Digital Extremes has expanded their reach with these open-world locations, drawing a before and after line from closed environments to a free roam mode with secrets, caves and high-tier bosses to confront together with other players. With this new “Fortuna” expansion, Digital Extremes adds a wider variety of lore-centered content, activities and secrets to uncover.

One of the most anticipated features that Fortuna will pack is the K-Drive hoverboards for users to traverse this massive area in a faster and stylish way, as well as challenges to test players’ skills dominating this new toy. “Get in touch with the Solaris United’s youth movement – the Ventkids – to earn Standing to upgrade and customize your board to the next level (including K-Drive Mods!).”, reads DE’s latest press release.

Warframe Fortuna

A new faction is also present in Fortuna, just like the Quills and the Ostrons in Cetus. In this case DE has presented a cyberpunk, Blade-Runner-esque environment in the depths of Fortuna, called Solaris United. This new city hub will provide for more challenges, quests and standing earning through the discovery of its different stories and realities. This way, Fortuna is divided into two distinct areas: the above ground landscape of The Orb Vallis and the underground city hub of the Fortuna Colony.

Fortuna keeps the fishing, mining and sweet grinding that Tenno all around the world have enjoyed through the Plains of Eidolon expansion, adding new features like animal conservation and Corpus camps liberations as well as a new alert system that provide players with a preview of each mission’s difficulty in order to prevent any unwanted encounters.

Finally, with the new expansion Digital Extremes presents a brand new Warframe to add to our collections, Garuda, who offers “a deadly combination of health-based abilities to wreak havoc on any enemy in her path”.

Although no exact date has been announced for the arrival of Fortuna to Warframe on consoles, PC users will start enjoying it as soon as this week.