EA Maxis and Sim City veterans launch Fort Stars

Build your fortress, defend it and raid fellow players all around the world.

Indie studio Magic Fuel Games, formed by four EA Maxis veterans and Sim City developers, launched today their debut title as indie developers called Fort Stars. This mobile title mixes the construction and management elements from old Sim City games and early The Sims franchise with a fantasy setting and PvP raiding.

In Fort Stars players will build their very own fort, put up defenses and protect their most important asset: the throne room. Traps, magical powers and a versatile level editor provide next-generation mechanics to mobile players all around the world.

But the fort building and defense is just one part of Fort Stars. Players will assemble their own unique team from a roster of 17 “fort stars”, each wielding powerful abilities, perks and destructive moves in order to raid other player’s forts, challenging their traps and overall building choices. Each hero can be upgraded in order to raise its power and raid even more powerful and well defended forts.

Fort Stars

“We’re overwhelmed with pride and excitement to finally release Fort Stars after three years of incredible hard work,” said Kevin Shrapnell, Chief Executive at Magic Fuel Games. “With Fort Stars, we saw an opportunity to bring all our years of PC and console games experience to the power and convenience of mobile.”

Magic Fuel Games is comprised of 4 industry veterans that add up more than 60 years of experience working with old-school glories like Sim City, Spore and The Sims until 2013. Now they’ve decided to create their own start-up and harness their experience with this new mobile game. Their funding has been taken care of by Chinese giant Seasun Games and they’ve now partnered up with London-based publishing start-up, PlayStack.

Fort Stars is available as of today for iOS and Android mobile devices for free and offers in-app purchases.