Epic Skater 2 slides into Steam

Removed microtransactions and ads for this classic PC skating experience. 

Houston based indie developers at Your Daily Fill announced today the release of their spiritual successor to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise, Epic Skater 2, into PC through Steam. This 2.5D platformer has finally reached PC gamers after an initial release for mobile devices. This new port has been stripped off any kind of microtransactions and ads in order to provide an experience designed for classic gaming platforms.

Epic Skater 2 allows players to relive the golden era of skating simulators, lead by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise. Head on to the city of Epicwood, where half-pipes, ramps, stairs and many other skating delights await for you to dominate them. Epic Skater 2 features grand character customization, with apparently more than 1 billion outfit combinations.

Subways, train tracks, and both air and land vehicles can be skated on and used to perform dearing tricks and multiple combos based on skill and a wide set of moves. The endless mode allows players to traverse through unlimited challenges and obstacles.

Epic Skater 2

Career mode provides around 40 handcrafted levels, each of them featuring different challenges to complete, collectibles to find and scores to beat. Dynamic Goals and Daily Challenges amount to a whopping 2000 challenges in total. As Your Daily Fill stated through its latest press release, Epic Skater 2 features the following:

  • Controller and Mouse + Keyboard support.
  • 100 Achievements exclusive to Steam and weekly in-game Leaderboards and podiums to show off your outfit.
  • Free Skate in both Career and Endless Modes.
  • Epic Camera Mode
  • Rebuilt from the ground up while maintaining the trick and combo control system you know and love.
  • Create-A-Skater with over 600 gear, clothing, and accessories to customize your skater and deck.
  • 40 Career Mode levels loaded with challenges.
  • 11 Tiers with 2000+ Goals in Endless Mode to keep you grinding.
  • More than 44 unique, upgradeable tricks for epic combos.
  • All-New Tricks. Loads of new tricks to shred with!
  • Turn around and go where you want. Wallplant, Wallpush, to explore every direction.
  • Skate Quarter Pipes. Acid Drop and Spine Transfer for BIG AIR.
  • Use Boost Pads reach new heights and find secret areas!
  • Skate and Destroy! Thrash ramps in vert sessions.
  • Designed by former Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series developers.

Epic Skater 2 is available as of today through Steam for PC at a price of USD $14.99.