Distrust takes a leap on PS4

The procedural adventure inspired by “The Thing”.

Previously released on PC, Distrust, from developer Cheerdealers, is available now on PlayStation 4. Inspired by the cult classic, “The Thing”. Distrust is an adventure that takes place in Antarctica after a helicopter crashes a group of explorers are left stranded near an Arctic base. As they try to find a way back, all they are doing is sinking deeper into a nightmare scenario. When they sleep, they attract a terrifying force that sucks the life out of their bodies. but the longer they battle exhaustion and stay awake, the less likely they are to survive.

Distrust combines crafting and several other elements from RPG’s and survival titles as well as a number of features that bring its story close to the genre of terror. The game will test your ability to survive in extreme conditions and whilst also testing your ability to distinguish reality and hallucination. Additionally, some of the games main features include:

  • Gameplay involving an extreme climate.
  • Randomly generated levels.
  • 15 characters with unique skills and abilities.
  • Tons of quests, game events and plot twists.
  • Altered perception of reality: you cannot trust what you see.

Be sure to head over to the PlayStation Store and grab the game for yourself.