Pattern announced for 2019 release

Like wandering in a dream.

Ice Water Games have classified Pattern as a ”wandering sim’ and we can see why. More than a walking simulator, the world of newly announced Pattern looks like one you’re meant to get lost in. The game is the latest project from emerging artist Galen Drew, creative director of very very spaceship.

In Pattern players spend their time wandering an endless dreamscape of thick forests and sublime vistas. Dive deeper and the dream morphs, revealing ever stranger and more abstract worlds. When you wake, it is to the whisper of wind through pine boughs. Crisp night air just warming from the first morning sun. You know this place.

Roam this dream as though it were your own. Deeper, into a world stranger and more wonderful. A spire of smoke is your constant companion, a winding reminder to continue into the forest beyond.

Reminiscent of the recent release Shape of the World, Pattern looks to be a beautiful and unique experience, featuring:

  • An ever changing endless dreamscape
  • Beautiful landscapes and environments to explore
  • A generative soundtrack by the incredible Michael Bell

To keep an eye on Pattern’s progress, check out its Steam page or the game’s website.