For The King gets new free DLC

Take a journey Into the Deep.

IronOak Games and Curve Digital have announced that For the King’s new DLC adventure Into The Deep is out now and, players, it is completely free.

For the King has garnered praise for mixing up a challenging blend of strategy, JRPG combat, and rogue-like elements. Featuring both a single player experience as well as the ability to play cooperatively both online and locally, the game takes place in the beautiful, hexagonal kingdom of Fahrul. Here, players must strategically explore and battle their way through the fairytale, low-poly landscape in a bid to discover and survive, lest they succumb to death.

Available as a new update, Into the Deep provides a whole new story chapter which focuses on the vast oceans of Fahrul. With incredible sea battles, fearsome enemies, awesome boats and a whole lot more, Into The Deep will have plenty to keep players entertained.

In Into The Deep, players come face to face with the Fishfolk. Upon further investigation, it becomes clear that the Fishfolk are trying to summon the Kraken God (obviously). This terrifying deity will flood the world and devour any survivors unless defeated. Players must explore the oceans and islands of Fahrul, finding and destroying the sources of the Kraken God’s power, buried deep within the many Water Temples across the sea.

Featuring nine new enemy types, new weapons, four boat variants, new enemy and friendly NPC encounters, new outfits, armours and trinkets, Into The Deep is a big new journey in this strategic RPG.

If For the King, and its new DLC, sound like your cup of tea, check out the game on Steam.