The Messenger gets new game mode in Update

Are you ready for the challenge?

Sabotage Studio have released a brand new update for The Messenger which has given the platformer a new game mode as well as improving quality of life, such as allowing controls remapping and adding a visual cue in the underwater labyrinth for accessibility purposes. The game’s Prophet’s hint feature is also now directly implemented into the map to help guide adventurers.

However, the biggest chunk of news here is the New Game+ mode. This will allow players who have already completed the game to start a new save slot with a plus sign next to it that will feature all previously unlocked upgrades, but will also up the ante on difficulty with increased incoming damage and bosses HP. Players will need to have a fully completed save slot (game progression at 100%) in order to access this.

Spiral down into an endless nightmare of difficulty: with New Game+, every subsequent run appends another + to the save filename, further increasing damage taken (soon meaning that players get obliterated in a single hit) and ticks up boss HP even more, creating this organic challenge for players who just can’t get enough of getting their arse kicked.

They’ve also added a Jukebox because it’s fun and why not. The Jukebox allows players to control the music that plays as they play. Nifty.

If nightmarish difficulty sounds like your sort of thing, check out The Messenger on Steam, and complete the game to access the New Game+ mode.