No Man’s Sky gets new Visions update

The game that keeps on giving.

Yesterday, fans of spacey survival game No Man’s Sky found an unlisted trailer on Hello Games’ official youtube channel seemingly detailing a new update. Today that update has been hailed by the developers as the ‘Visions update’. Along with this perhaps slightly forced reveal, Hello Games have also released some brief patch notes and a release date of 22nd of November (that’s tomorrow, obviously) for the update. It’s also free, by the way.

The patch notes begin with the subtitle, ”Discover a more varied, more diverse universe in the Visions update.” Packed full of screenshots, the emphasis of this patch definitely seems to be on the variety of experience. With new planet biomes, new creatures and new shades of sky and grass added in this update we can see why they named it ‘visions’. The differences may be subtle, but player’s are certain to at least see something new.

In addition to the above, the update will also implement new procedural crash sites for players to explore and ‘exotic trophies’. These trophies exist on the more exotic alien planets and can then be ”rehoused in habitable bases to create a showcase of your voyages across the universe”. New shared community missions have also been implemented allowing ‘explorers to share progress and work towards a common goal’. 

No Man’s Sky is the game that keeps on bouncing forward, and we’re very much here for that. To find out more check out those patch notes for yourself, and keep an eye on Hello Game’s twitter account @hellogames