Enter The Gungeon devs cancel expansion in favour of new game

The rogue-like bullet hell game will get final, free update including a new character.

Dodge Roll, the developers of rogue-like Enter The Gungeon have announced they will no longer be producing a paid expansion for the game, and are instead working on a whole new game.

The devs spoke of the gruelling task of completing the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update that hit earlier this year:

“The short version is: we have been working on Gungeon for nearly five years now and from both a technical and a creativity standpoint, we need to move on. We have learned so many things about making games that are just impossible to put into practice in Gungeon (without rebuilding the entire game), and honestly, we’re just more excited about putting these ideas into practice in a new game.”

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any more content for Enter The Gungeon. The team will instead be working on a smaller, but free update, that doesn’t currently have a release window. The update will include a new playable class who starts off with random equipment, as well as a variety of new guns, items and synergies, amongst a number of smaller features. Switch performance will also be improved.

Dodge Roll also spoke of their next project:

After much debate and many ideas thrown around, we believe we have finally decided on a new game to spend the next few years of our lives on. It is at an incredibly, incredibly early stage, so we can’t say much but the designs are coming together. “In many ways, it is a more ambitious idea than Gungeon. As mentioned above, we have learned so many lessons from Gungeon, and we are doing our best to put them to work, and hope to avoid the problems detailed above with our next game. In short, we are making the foundations more robust. This will make certain things that were impossible on Gungeon, possible, and take ideas scratched at with Gungeon to the next level. We will do our very best to bring the humor, challenge, reactive combat, detail, and quality you have (hopefully) come to expect from Dodge Roll. That’s about all I can say for now, but please know that we are excited, and we hope you will be too.”

Enter The Gungeon is available on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Switch now.