Norfolk Warriors

Virtual table-top Norfolk Warriors ready for open beta

The first instalment on the Veil Of Entropy universe.

Norfolk Warriors

Canadian indie developer Paul Mouchet, head of Mouchet Software, announced today the release date for the open beta phase of his new title, Norfolk Warriors. This will be the first instalment on his Veil Of Entropy universe, based on a set of ancient start travelers looking for new planets and civilizations to play and get involved with.

Norfolk Warriors is a classic table-top turn-based RPG game set in a world create after norse culture and aesthetics. Within it, players will take on quests, look for new challenges, collect rewards and explore the world’s lore. “Combine strategy and tactics to complete hundreds of quests and adventures, discovering new and exciting sub-plots within the rich and detailed tapestry of the Veil of Entropy Universe.”, reads the latest press release from Mouchete Software.

Norfolk Warriors

One of the most interesting things that Paul Mouchet brings to the table (no pun intended) is his signature Cohorts Game System, a rules-based game system created to allow other developers to bring their strategy turn-based ideas to life. Norfolk Warriors will be the first title that uses Cohorts Game System, so it will be interesting to see the results. “For the player, Cohorts’ rule-set gives them an understanding of how the underlying mechanics can affect their strategic and tactical choices. For the game master, the world-builder toolset allows for the creation of unique scenarios that are not tied to any specific genre.”, explained Mouchet through today’s announcement.

With a classic table-top RPG character races and classes to choose from, Norfolk Warriors promises to be an attractive option for RPG lovers. The Veil Of Entropy universe also promises to deliver many more titles by Mouchet.

Norfolk Warriors’ open beta phase will begin on December 1st and anyone interested in participating can join the official Discord server and request to be a beta tester.