This War Of Mine: Complete Edition

This War Of Mine reaches the Nintendo Switch

Can you survive brutal warfare while riding the metro? 

Award winning Polish indie studio 11 bit studios has released today its critically acclaimed survival management game This War Of Mine: Complete Edition for the Nintendo Switch. The release has been made effective for the United States and Europe regions.

This War Of Mine is a warfare survival game where users control a group of three characters in the midst of a war conflict in Eastern Europe. Being regular people and not soldiers, these survivors must scavenge for supplies and food, craft gear in order to upgrade their tools and facilities.

But This War Of Mine has been highly praised not only for its survival-management features, but for its reflection of wartime cruelty and brutal reality, making players keep always an eye on their characters’ morale, as they can quickly become depressed and hopeless about their realities and fates.

This War Of Mine: Complete Edition

Manage your spirits and improve your gear by day, raid and find trading opportunities by night, always with weapons in hand because nobody knows when you’re going to stumble upon a hub or raiders. But leave your base without defenses and your partners will be defenseless against thieves who will be willing to kill in order to survive.

With this new launch, 11 bit studios has now released This War Of Mine on every major platform available: PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and finally Nintendo Switch, as well as mobile devices using Android or iOS.

Whoever purchases This War Of Mine: Complete Edition will receive the base game and its expansions including The Little Ones, Father’s Stories and any other DLC that 11 bit studios may add in the future for free. This War Of Mine: Complete Edition is available as of today for the Nintendo Switch at a price of £35.99.