Gone Home

Award winning Gone Home reaches iOS

One of the best walking simulators ever created, period.

Fullbright’s award winning, narrative-driven walking simulator Gone Home has been released today for iOS devices all around the world, allowing mobile gamers to enjoy one of the industry’s best love stories ever told through their phones at a bargain price of USD $4.99.

Gone Home tells the story about Samantha “Sam” Greenbriar and her family after she returns from a year-long trip abroad. Sam finds her home empty and with her family nowhere to be seen. Players must explore the whole house and interact with every piece of information they see in order to piece together what happened with everyone and what’s happened while she was away.

Gone Home

The game was awarded with the 2013 British Academy Games Awards for best “Debut Game” and nominated for “Best Story” as well for its immersive gameplay, music and voice acting. Players will find themselves wondering if what they’re experiencing is a drama, horror, thriller or adventure while they uncover the truth about Sam’s family, filled with love, heartache and conflict.

Gone Home was developed by Fullbright, a team founded by Johnnemann Nordhagen (who would later work in Where the water tastes like wine), Steve Gaynor and Karla Zimonja. Their backgrounds meet at 2K Games where they worked together on Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den.

Walking simulator games received a boost in gamers’ interest after the utter success that Gone Home was, later producing masterpieces like What remains of Edith Finch, Tacoma and Firewatch to name some. Gone Home was a living proof of how deep a game’s narrative could go in terms of storytelling, attention to detail and atmosphere.

Gone Home is available as of today for Apple mobile devices for USD $4.99.