Donut County

Donut County coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

The tastiest indie game this year makes a new home for itself on Switch and Xbox One. 

Annapurna Interactive’s critically-acclaimed physics puzzler Donut County is rolling onto Nintendo Switch and Xbox One later this month on Dec. 18.

Indie developer Ben Esposito created a heartwarming and creative adventure where players take on the role of a hole in the ground. The idea is to swallow up buildings, townsfolk, and just about everything else. As you suck up additional objects, the hole grows larger, so you’re no longer just dropping people or small items into your mobile abyss. You’ll be folding in buildings as well. All the while, you’ll find yourself dealing with a crafty raccoon who’s up to no good. Maybe he’s even responsible for all this chaos?

It’s much like a “reverse” Katamari Damacy. But instead of rolling up items into an enormous ball, you simply suck things up and leave them to rot in an area underneath the city. It was originally born from a game jam that took game pitches from the Peter Molydeux Twitter account. Then, it grew from humble beginnings into one of the cutest, most fascinating indie games this year.

Previously, the game debuted on PlayStation 4, Steam, GOG, and iOS – now it’ll be headed to a lot wider of an audience thanks to publisher Annapurna. If you haven’t tried it yet, we wholeheartedly recommend giving it a whirl. It’ll put a smile on your face, for sure. You’ll only need a few minutes to lose yourself while giggle in devilish glee at stranding some of the townsfolk. It shouldn’t feel so good, but it certainly does.