Deep-Space puzzler Solar Flux travels onto Nintendo Switch today

A whole galaxy of puzzles comes to the Nintendo Switch.

Having previously released on PC way back in 2013, Firebrand Games have today released Solar Flux onto the Nintendo Switch. This deep-space puzzle game also has a brand new trailer for you intrepid travellers to gaze on, with plenty of insight into the game’s mechanics and synth soundtrack.

With plenty of hazard to dodge and navigate, players have plenty to contend with in this space adventure. Helming a vessel with the mission to save dying stars across the universe, you and your ship must reignite the stars with glowing orbs of plasma. But space is full of plenty of dangerous things, and your ship must avoid asteroids, comets and even laser grids, to achieve the mission.

Commanders will have to carefully plan their movement and ration their fuel to navigate the stars and save the universe. This quest will take players through 80 missions across four different galaxies and test their minds as well as their courage.

If you want to journey through space to save the stars, you can more information on Solar Flux on the games Steam page. The game is out today on Nintendo Switch and will be retailing for $9.99 USD, £7.79 GBP, or €8.69 EUR.