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Uncanny Valley brings pixelated horror to Nintendo Switch

This unsettling horror game is touching down on Nintendo Switch this Christmas. 

Uncanny Valley is making its way to Nintendo Switch soon, so you can take the pixelated love letter to survival horror with you just about everywhere you go.

The horrifying adventure from publisher Digerati and developer Cowardly Creations is bringing its unnerving story to the portable console at the end of this month – on Christmas, no less – on December 25.

Originally, Uncanny Valley debuted on PC in 2015, and has since amassed quite a bit of support and price for its unique approach to horror in general, as well as a narrative that takes quite a while to unpack.

Players take on the role of Tom, a security guard who’s tasked with working the night shift at an abandoned facility found out in the middle of nowhere. Tom’s been dealing with some particularly scary dreams lately, and as he explodes the offices and corridors of the facility, he begins to unravel some salacious secrets that spook him to the bone.

As such, players will have the enormous facility to explore with a smart consequence system that finds mistakes resulting in frustrating modifiers. For instance, if Tom breaks his arm due to poor planning, then he may not be able to use a weapon properly. Combined with an oppressive, terrifying atmosphere, players will contend with a compelling story and uneasy set of areas to explore.

If you didn’t already try out the game when it first hit PC (or even if you did) the fact that it’s settling in on Switch is great news, as the platform was practically made for it. Keep an eye out for it to drop right in the middle of the holiday season.