Mortal Royale

Free to play 1000 players Mortal Royale is out

A medieval, fantasy and massive take on the online multiplayer experience. 

A small indie studio from Sweden called Star Vault AB released in the last couple of hours their ambitious 1000 player battle royale game, Mortal Royale. This medieval take on the popular online multiplayer genre provides massive scale in its map and range of possibilities and combat angles.

Mortal Royale features a huge 64 squared kilometers large map where one thousand players will face each other to see who’s the last one standing with a melee focused combat system that also includes ranged options like archery and magic, as well as mounted combat.

This game has entered Steam’s early access stage and is currently free to play. It also features a nice system that allows players to just start the game and hop in with their Steam accounts, without the need of going through any registration and fully customize one’s character.

Mortal Royale

This new battle royale experience also counts with different timers, playing areas and loot depending on the amount of players in each playing session, which means that actual 1000 players matches will possibly be scarce, especially in its early access phase.

Mortal Royale features, as stated in its launch press release, a “deep combat system with individual hit boxes all with their own armor mitigation”, hundreds of weapons, over 60 different spells and 21 armor sets composed of 10 pieces each.

So if you’re into battle royale games and are looking for something completely new and certainly ambitious, Mortal Royale might be exactly for you. It’s free to play and it’s on Steam right now.