Odd Tales’ The Last Night facing legal and funding issues

Could this be the last call for The Last Night?

The uniquely-styled cyberpunk platforming game The Last Night is now dealing with “massive business, legal, and funding issues” according to creator Tim Soret.

Soret tweeted the “rise and fall” of Odd Tales in a tweet on December 31, talking about how the team found success earlier in the year, then encountered the above issues the team “can’t talk about.” This prompted the cancellation of a new trailer for the game at this year’s The Game Awards, held earlier in December 2018.

“We’re currently raising funds, so get in touch,” Soret added, including the official Odd Tales email address to assist in seeking funding for the game.

The Last Night is a 2.5D cinematic platformer that follows a man named Charlie, who’s living as a lower-class citizen in a dystopian world where others are living in leisure. Computers have taken over menial labor, and the unlucky holdovers of society have to deal with day-to-day life doing the same type of work they used to.

Players, as Charlie, explore the city, get wrapped up in scuffles with others, and learn more about the future they find themselves in. According to Soret, it’s supposed to be a cinematic adventure game much like the 1992 title Flashback.

The game was first revealed last year, and was meant to release some time in 2018. At this point, it’s not exactly clear if the game is in proper trouble just yet or not, but it certainly doesn’t look good for the title. Hopefully all will be revealed soon.