Samsara Deluxe puzzles its way to Nintendo Switch

The Switch version will have 24 bonus levels.

Auckland-based developers Marker Limited have announced that their puzzle hit Samsara has been released onto EU Nintendo Switch, with a North American release following on January 10th. The game originally launched for the PC in February 2018, and will launch onto the Switch in with additional content, hence the ‘Deluxe’ status.

Samsara is an enchanting puzzle game that is set in a ‘world of echoes’, where players must guide a child through the environment by dropping a variety of blocks into a world of two dimensions. The mechanics may look simple, but this split in two world is deceptively complex, with puzzles involving gravity, balance, redirection and teleportation. The biggest complication is, everything added in the upside down world is reflected in the world above.

The deluxe edition of the game landing on Switch has 24 bonus levels in a new environment. It also features over 100 levels across 7 hand-detailed realms, each with Easter Eggs to uncover. Help the protagonist Zee find her way through the world, where what happens in the top world matters just as much as what happens below.

Samsara Deluxe is out no on Nintendo Switch EU and will be available in North America on January 10th. To find out more about Samsara, take a look at its Steam page.