one step from eden

One Step From Eden launches crowdfunding campaign

Solo developer launches Kickstarter for deckbuilding action game

If you want to find out what great indie games are being made at the moment, checking out the “Projects we love” section of Kickstarter is always a good place to start. This week saw a new game get added to that selection. The game is called One Step from Eden and it is being developed by solo developer Thomas Moon Yang who is based in Pennsylvania, USA. It is a deckbuilding game with an action and roguelike twist. It is looking to raise $15,000 over the course of a month but, on its first day, had already raised well over half of this total! The plan is to release on PC and Mac and, eventually, Nintendo Switch.

There is currently a free demo available for One Step from Eden on Gamejolt and so you can see exactly what game is all about. For those who want a bit of info first, One Step from Eden is a deckbuilder where you are trying to get to last remaining beacon of hope in a bleak post-war world. This beacon is Eden. There are many obstacles in your way which you must use your skills to defeat. You start by having a small deck, with limited cards, but as you progress, you gain more powerful cards and abilities. The deck consists of 200+ cards in total and range from magic spells to items to equip, potions to consumables.

The developer attributes a lot of the inspiration to past games such as Mega Man Battle Network, Faster than Light and Slay the Spire saying that “there was a Mega Man Battle Network sized void” in the gaming market so he set about doing something about it. When you get to play the game, you will see which parts were inspired by which game.

There aren’t any exact dates known for the One Step from Eden release but, depending on crowdfunding result, we are looking at Q3 2019 for release on PC and Mac and possibly a console version in 2020.