Undertale’s team creates wrestling promo for Kenny Omega

The popular New Japan Pro Wrestling fighter starred in a very cool indie promo. 

Undertale creator Toby Fox worked with the rest of the team responsible for the smash hit role-playing game to create something very cool. Collaborating with New Japan Pro Wrestling star Kenny Omega, the pair created a fun clip inspired by the game called “Kenny’s Quest.”

The clip was originally meant to air as part of the pay-per-view event Wrestle Kingdom 13, which came and went on Friday evening, but didn’t official air due to circumstances beyond the creators’ apparent control. That didn’t keep the video from being an adorable and totally cool way for Omega to show his love for what he called his favorite game of 2018, and engaging his fans with a video full of fun homages.

The clip was shot at a retro game store in Akihabara called Super Potato, where a younger Kenny buys a fake Famicom game called Kenny’s Quest. It’s essentially a remade version of Undertale that finds Omega facing off against his rival Hiroshi Tanahashi, even staging a final battle like that of Undertale’s near the end.

It’s a very cool way for Toby Fox to spread the love for Undertale, and for Kenny to share how much he enjoyed the game with an even bigger fanbase who may not have known about the title otherwise. And of course, any time we can spread the gospel of indies is a great opportunity for us, too. Check out the clip above and let us know what you think!