RimWorld ranked highest player-reviewed game on Steam for 2018

There’s a lot of world to cover.

With an overall player review score of 98% and 36,709 individual reviews submitted, the sci-fi simulator RimWorld has topped Steam’s highest player reviewed game of 2018 list. Developer Tynan Sylvester tweeted out the game’s success, with many quick to elaborate on how much RimWorld deserved the accolade.

RimWorld was release into early access in the winter of 2013, a whole five years ago, but was officially released onto Steam in October of this year. Set in a futuristic world, the game centres around three survivors of a shipwreck. Players are tasked with helping these three build a colony in an outer-fringe world, hostile to their attempts. Along the way you can watch as the survivor’s relationships develop and break, as they get diseased and you can explore with them in their generated world.

RimWorld aims to be a story-generator first and foremost. With the help of a built in AI, players can co-author the events of their character’s lives. Through a series of ‘random’ events the world steers players in all sorts of unexpected directions.

While RimWorld was ranked first by Steam, the rest of the top ten were:

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