Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley mod turns the farming sim into a battle royale

The peaceful simulation gets rough with this special battle royale mod. 

Stardew Valley is many things: accessible, family-friendly, and relaxing. But what would you say to playing it as a battle royale title? That’d be crazy, right?

Not too crazy, as it turns out, as someone has been hard at work on a mod that turns the peaceful farming sim into a battle royale title. Called Stardew Royalley, it’s available via Nexus Mods right now for free, and you can round up 100 farmers together to fight to the death. It’s every Stardew fan for themselves as you duke it out in a “Last farmer standing wins” bout.

The mod introduces a shrinking battle zone to keep pushing you closer to your opponents, as well as plenty of weapons for you to participate in farm warfare. There are swords, bombs, slingshots, healing items, or hats in chests found scattered throughout the map. You can chop down trees and build fences to hide behind for cover (a la Fortnite) or launch “surprise attacks.”

You can customize your Stardew battle royale game quite thoroughly, from setting where the storm will start closing in, the number of players you can add to your game, and several other options. The teaser included with the mod doesn’t quite do the game justice, but if you want to see it in action before having to download it and install, it’s above for your viewing pleasure.

But just remember – Stardew Valley is supposed to be a peaceful, calming game, so don’t let all these crazy, murderous pursuits go to your head!