Roguelite Rift Keeper out on Steam this month

Dead Cells but with more rifts.

Hot on the heels of the successful Dead Cells, there is a new roguelite to join the fray; Rift Keeper. Developed by small two-man studio Frymore, this roguelite features RPG elements and fast-paced platforming. It will be released onto Steam on January 14th.

In this world you are cast as the Rift Keeper, a figure tasked with protecting the rifts and keeping the balance between the interconnected worlds. However, the Rift Keeper has a problem on their hands as the rift keys have been stolen. Players must find the keys before any damage can be done, including finding out who is responsible and the ill intentions that they may hold.

According to Frymore, key features of the game include:

  • Over 120 weapons & items. Upgrade your equipment throughout the game. Loot, trade and buy better gear.
  • 30 handcrafted dungeons.
  • Dynamic difficulty system.
  • Fast-paced action gameplay.
  • 3 powerful boss fights
  • Synthwave/Electronic soundtrack.

The game is the studios’ second project, having made their debut with the adventure game Firewood. Firewood met with mostly positive reviews on Steam last year, so here’s hoping Rift Keeper can keep building on the studios early success. Rift Keeper will be released on Steam on January 14th for $10.