Paradox Interactive acquires Prison Architect

Introversion Software releases Prison Architect IP to Swedish publisher

Today it was announced that Swedish publisher and developer Paradox Interactive have acquired the rights to the Prison Architect IP from UK-based developer Introversion Software. In a move that might come as a shock to many, Paradox has purchased the rights and assets to Prison Architect on all current platforms as well as any future developments of the game. It also means that they could start looking at developing other Architect IP in the future. The two developers have already been working together since 2017 on Prison Architect: Mobile.

If you haven’t yet discovered Prison Architect, and simulation games are your thing, then you really should check it out. You are basically the warden and creator of a maximum security prison. You must plan the entire prison layout, manage staff and monitor prison morale. Everything you need to keep the prison running smoothly. The game already has a massive following, sold over two million copies across all platforms and even won a BAFTA in the “Persistent Game” category in 2016.

Paradox Interactive has a long history of developing and publishing management style games. Together with Finnish developers Colossal Order and released in March 2015, one of their biggest games to date is Cities: Skylines, a city building sim. During its time it has amassed a huge following among simulation fans. They are constantly coming up with new content and new expansions to add to the evergrowing sim. There are DLCs which focus on industry, mass transit systems, environmental issues, natural disasters and much more. It has even gained recognition from real city planners for their accuracy and detail.

Given Paradox Interactive’s track record with similar games in the management genre, the hopes are high for continued success for Prison Architect.

Prison Architect is available now on PC and Mac, Xbox One and PS4.