The FutureGrind launch trailer has arrived

This extreme stunt platformer is ready and raring to release this month

What do you get when you cross neons with extreme sports? Well, you get a new game coming onto the market called FutureGrind. Canadian developers Milkbag Games announced today that their futuristic extreme stunt game will be released on January 22nd.

FutureGrind takes the form of an arcade stunt-racer game. You are a new rider who has just gained their first sponsorship deal. To keep in favour with your new sponsor just need to take your two-wheeled bike out and jump, spin, and do tricks in the air all while hopping from platform to platform matching the colours of your wheels to gain as many points as possible. You can only touch a platform when your wheels are a particular colour so you need to be on your toes and work out the best way to hit each mark without falling foul of the wrong colour. To get the highest scores, you need to work hard to chain your moves together to create combos to boost your points.

FutureGrind has plenty of features including a story mode with over 30 unique tracks, 5 unlockable bikes offering different styles of play, and a score attack mode. The soundtrack consists of lots of futuristic synth tracks by digital musician Bignic.

The game has been in development for quite some time. Initial work was started in 2014 based on concepts the developers had years beforehand. It wasn’t until the following year that announcements regarding which platforms the game was going to be available started surfacing and a Nintendo Switch release was later confirmed in 2018. After years of development, FutureGrind hit the expo circuit running and has gained a lot of interest since.

FutureGrind will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4 on January 22nd 2019.