My Time at Portia leaving Early Access next week

The sandbox simulation steps out into full release.

My Time at Portia, which is currently available on Steam Early access, will be moving into a full PC release on January 15th, Team 17 have confirmed. The sandbox simulation RPG aims to resemble games such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, with its charming graphics and calming concept.

When players arrive at the town of Portia, ahead of them is a large task. Required to restore your father’s neglected workshop to its former glory, players will spend their time at the workbench crafting items to spruce up the place. Just like similar successes such as Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia sees you gathering elements and mining to build the workshop’s much needed parts.

Alongside crafting, your character can roam the town of Portia, befriending those they come across. Their are even options to raise animals and grow crops, if that’s your kind of thing. But what have the people of this quaint town forgotten about this post-apocalyptic land?

So if January blues are getting you down, My Time at Portia will be moving out of Steam early access on January 15th, for its full release just in time. Find out more about the game at it’s Steam page.