Big update for Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse now live

Audience participation is now a thing in Aniode’s zombie shooter hit

Currently in early access is a game with a difference. It is called Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse and it has been developed by UK-based developers Aniode. It has been in early access since 2015 but today made one of its biggest update to date.

The new update consists of quite a lot of bug fixes and improvement throughout the game as well as some big multiplayer options. The online multiplayer mode has had a massive overhaul and has been completely recoded to make playing with friends a better experience. Another fun option available is called Twitch Chaos mode. Open to anyone who fancies streaming their game, the Twitch Chaos mode allows your viewers to participate in your battles. By way of voting, viewers will be able to add more bosses, up the difficulty and even give players in-game rewards if they are feeling generous. As well as new multiplayer modes, the update also added a whole bunch of new missions.

If you’ve never seen or heard of Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse, it is a zombie shooter game where you play as weapon toting animals. Humans have all died or have become infected leaving only wildlife to save the planet. How they have learned how to use weaponry is a mystery but they can use most weapons imaginable. Each animal has a specific rage action to help pack a bit more of a punch. For example, the duck spins a tornado to suck the zombies into and the elephant charges into the zombie hordes sending them flying. You can have 8 people playing at once either locally or online so things could get pretty manic!

The game is still in early access on Steam with no fixed release date as of yet. We only know that the Xbox One version will be released sometime in 2019. Given the size of this update and all the improvements they have made, we can only presume that Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse will be out of early access soon.