Competitive shooter Aftercharge out on PC and consoles

An evil corporation versus abandoned robots. What can go wrong?

Canadian indie developers at Chainsawsome games released today their competitive 3 versus 3 strategic shooter Aftercharge for PC through Steam, Xbox One, Xbox One X and soon the Nintendo Switch, featuring a three-way cross-platform experience.

Aftercharge is a first-person shooter set in a futuristic universe where robots and humans face each other in fast-paced strategic matches that revolve almost entirely around the invisibility ability that both factions will wield as smartly as they can to outlive their opponents.

This fictional setting has a back story for both sides. These robots, called “workonics”, have been kept in isolation and abandonment after being discarded by the same corporation that built them, the Aftercharge Corp. These two sides will fight for dominance over each other in ruthless combat.


There are over 10 different classes to choose from among Workoniks and the Aftercharge Corporation, through which the developers hope players will find their own playstyles and strategize with their teammates in order to become victorious. Through each match, teams will battle to destroy or protect coveted energy extractors scattered across the different play areas.

Invisibility plays a major role in these matches as it allows teams to choose between stealthy or full-throttle approaches to achieve victory. Obviously this invisibility has a limit, there would be no fun otherwise, right? Matches are designed to be fast and short, although deep enough to require some planning and thought.

Aftercharge is available as of today for PC, Xbox One and Xbox One X, and will be for the Nintendo Switch soon, at a price of USD $19.99.