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Intriguing horror Devotion gets teaser trailer

A little bit of devotion never hurt anybody.

Originally Steam Greenlit in 2017, Red Candle Games have released a new teaser trailer for horror game Devotion, as well as confirming a release date of February 19th.

The Taiwanese-based developers describe Devotion as an ”atmospheric horror game depicting the life of a family shadowed by religious belief”. Surrounded in East Asian folklore, the game takes place in first-person, where you must explore an apartment-complex lost in time. As you play, the apartment shifts and contorts, gradually falling into a hellish nightmare. Players ”delve into the vows (…) of the family (…) and witness their devotion.”

According to the team, key features of the game include:

  • First-person atmospheric horror
  • Story-driven exploration and intrigue
  • Sound design applying the use of East Asian instruments and 80s Taiwanese music
  • Relive the 1980s Taiwanese lifestyle through visuals and setting
  • Unique Taiwanese/East Asian reference (folk culture, elements of taoism/buddhism)
  • Original theme song written and performed by Golden Melody Award winner “No Party for Cao Dong”.

If this horror sounds like your kind of scare, Devotion will be available on Steam from February 19th. Keep up to date with the game at Red Candle Games’ website where you can subscribe to receive updates.