littlewood 2

Littlewood RPG has lightning fast Kickstarter success

The quaint RPG was funded within two hours of the campaign going live

It is always good when a Kickstarter campaign goes the way you want but it is even better when it gets funded the same day that it goes live! That is what has happened to developer Sean Young today with his top-down pixel art RPG Littlewood. It was fully backed within two hours of the campaign going live!

The game looks at what happens once the World has been saved from an evil dark wizard. What do the heroes do? Go back to living a normal life? There are still lots of places to explore, such as cave systems and new villages, and rare items out there to collect but then what? It is time to settle down. You start off in amongst a load of trees, weeds and rocks which you can harvest so you have the ways of building your own house. Then you branch out, gathering more and more supplies to build your own town. As you go around the World, you need to convince people to move into your town and then make sure they are happy enough to stay.

As with any good RPG, there are also a whole bunch of skills and crafts you can learn. All help towards the growth of your town. Among the skills available are fishing, mining, bug catching, and farming. You can even learn how to become a Tarott master. Be careful though because when the dark wizard was defeated, his minions were sealed into these magical cards. Many townfolks and those further afield collect them and battle them in tournaments.

The current prediction for Littlewood is that it is going to launch on Steam in Early Access at the end of March so there are only a few months to wait. Beta access, for those who back it at the appropriate level, should hopefully be happening earlier in March.