Mystic Vale

Deck-building Mystic Vale scheduled for the 31st

Mystic Vale has made the transition from board game to video game. 

Cheshire based indie studio Nomad Games will finally deliver the final version for Mystic Vale, a deck-building card game made in reflection of Alderac Entertainment Group’s CCG. This game’s unique crafting system allows players to combine abilities and create their own cards to play with and will be available on January 31st.

“We asked our partners at Nomad to deliver a game that captures that desire to play again right after you have finished playing. They succeeded. All I want to do is play another game of Mystic Vale right now. We could not be happier, said John Zinser, CEO at Alderac Entertainment Group regarding the work done by Nomad.

In Mystic Vale players will have to manage their resources wisely in order to gather advancements and value cards on their fields and score more victory points than their opponents. The game can be played solo or against others in four-players sessions.

Mystic Vale

But the aspect that made Mystic Vale win the Origins Award in its tabletop version is its card building system. Each card is composed by different pieces that players are allowed to pick and mix however they see fit, granting a versatility and customization aspect not very common in collectible card games. Each piece will provide a different value to our cards, allowing us to personalize our decks to fit our play styles.

Mystic Vale’s latest press release lists the following key features:

  • Beautiful artwork and graphics that bring the game to life.
  • Concise rules offer a deep gaming experience with meaningful decisions.
  • Tremendous replay value that will increase with future expansions.
  • Soothing music that transports you to the Vales themselves.

Mystic Vale will leave its Early Access phase on January 31st and will be available in its full form for PC through Steam for USD $14.99 and a special launch week discount that brings it down to USD $11.99.