Cuphead studio hinted a “pretty epic” next game

2017’s smash hit has sold over 3 million copies around the world.

Canadian indie developers at MDHR Studio, responsible for 2017’s hit Cuphead hinted at “pretty epic” things in store for their next game. Although their retro platformer is already scheduled to get an expansion during 2019 (The Delicious Last Course), fans all over the world are already eager to find out what they’ll come up with in a next title.

This is what MDHR’s producer and lead artist Marija Moldenhauer had to say about this during a recent feature video released by Red Bull and titled “When risking everything pays off”:

“I’m just really loving what we do. And the ideas we have for the next game are pretty epic.”

The 12-minute long interview with MDHR’s family, composed by Chad, Jared and Marija Moldenhauer makes a complete journey through the initial stages of Cuphead’s high level concepts and dives deep into the design, animation, music and artistic aspects of 2017’s absolute smash hit. Towards the end of the feature, after Marija Moldenhauer reveals the angst and anxiety that creating an indie game causes to a small family with limited resources, she ends up hinting those “pretty epic” ideas they have for their next project.

Cuphead gameplay

But this is not the first time that Marija refers to the future of MDHR’s creations. Back in June 2018 she told Gamereactor that they’ll be using the same old-school aesthetics and general art style, but that “the genre, the era, , the gameplay” will probably not be the same as in Cuphead.

Overall the feature is a must watch for any fan of indie studios and especially of Cuphead, as it shows how hard and unforgiving the experience of developing a video game can be, filled with uncertainty and risk.

Cuphead has sold over 3 million copies around the world and its expansion, The Delicious Last Course will be released during 2019 and will feature a new character, Ms. Chalice.