Stellaris: Console Edition release date announced

The space exploration game is finally coming to Xbox One and PS4

Paradox Interactive and developer Tantalus Media announced today that their space exploration strategy game Stellaris is finally ready to come to consoles. The release date is February 26th and is going to be available on Xbox One and PS4. Stellaris: Console Edition will become the first grand strategy game to be ported to consoles. There will be a standard edition and a deluxe edition with some nice little added extras. Both are now available to pre-order from PlayStation and Xbox stores.

As well as the core game, the Stellaris: Console Edition Deluxe will contain:

  • the Plantoids Species Pack,
  • the Leviathans Story Pack,
  • and the Utopia expansion.

Originally released in 2016 for PC, Stellaris broke the mould of grand strategy games. Having brought the likes of Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings to the market, Paradox Interactive gave us a grand space exploration strategy game. The game has since received a hugely positive reception so developers were prompted to bring the game to consoles. This has been in the works since 2017.

The game itself offers up a lot of interesting and fun features which make for a very fulfilling game. It is procedurally generated so it really does give the player the feeling of just how big space really is. With no end of galaxies and planets to explore, you are probably going to be playing for quite some time. For all these planets, there has to be plenty of alien races for players to meet. Every race is different, with their own sets of values and morals. Just like you are able to do, they might decide to trade with you or destroy you. You get to micromanage everything from your own government to resources as well as experience space battles and all the oddities which come from exploring the universe.

As previously mentioned, Stellaris: Console edition is currently available to pre-order and is priced at £31.99/$39.99 for the standard edition and £49.99/$59.99 for the deluxe edition.