The Beast Inside reappears with frightening new trailer

Turn on all the lights while watching this trailer.

PlayWay and Illusion Ray Studio have brought their terrifying horror game The Beast Inside out to play for the first time in a year, and it looks like good stuff.

The new teaser trailer for The Beast Inside may only be 44 seconds long, but it shows us something pretty awesome: a new area to drool over. It’s an additional, expanded area than what we saw in the previous Kickstarter demo, with revamped graphics and lighting and a terrifying atmosphere that can be likened to games like P.T. or the upcoming Allison Road. It looks positively terrifying, but in a good way, of course.

PlayWay has noted in the past that the team is working to create a game with a “strong, twisted narrative” meant to keep players on the edge.

“We’re all big fans of horror games…so while creating The Beast Inside we took the inspiration from our personal favorites,” they said.

Illusion Ray Studio is currently hard at work on the game following a Kickstarter campaign from 2018 that ended up raising $62,810 by its close. It will explore a storyline set between two different timelines, neither of which you’d imagine would mesh well in a game, but still very intriguing. Adam, a CIA cryptoanalyst alive during the Cold War, and Nicolas, a man alive during the American Civil War, are connected somehow, but it’s not immediately clear why or how this fits into the game’s horror theme.

The game is targeting a 2019 release on PC, and eventually PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some point.