The Evoland series is coming to consoles

Evoland and Evoland 2 finally make the jump to consoles

Its been a long time since France-based indie developer Shiro Games released Evoland. Six years, in fact. However, today they announced that it, and it’s sequel, are now ready to be released onto consoles. Evoland and Evoland 2 will be bundled together creating the Legendary Edition and will release onto PS4 on February 5th, Nintendo Switch on February 7th and Xbox One on February 7th. Those with a Nintendo Switch will be to pre-order the bundle from 29th January.

Evoland takes a fantastic look at the evolution of action-adventure video games. Players start in an 8-bit style world and, through unlocking new technologies and graphical upgrades, progress to a modern 3D game. If you watch the trailer above, you can clearly see which games the developers were inspired by when creating this game. There are plenty of nods to classic games. Even the gameplay mechanics change as the game goes along. You start from turn-based combat and end up in real-time battles.

Evoland 2 follows a similar path but this time is an RPG adventure. Called “A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder” this story involves quite a bit of time travel and again starts in an 8-bit world. As you interact with characters and unravel that is happening, the world around you starts to change and eventually comes up to today’s graphical standards.

Both games are currently available on PC and there are also iOS and Android versions available too. Across the board, both have received a lot of positive reviews and praise from fans of all kinds of genres. Evoland 2 even won the Innovation award at EIGD 2015 (European Indie Games Days).

If you are interested in other games from Shiro Games, you can head to Steam and check out Northgard, a strategy game inspired by Norse mythology. Or you might want to check out their latest title, Darksburg. It’s Steam page went live in December but the game itself is still in development.