Endless Space

Want Endless Space? Go get it, it’s free

The Endless Universe is getting a massive update and a freebie for newcomers.

Endless Space

The sci-fi 4X strategy franchise of the Endless Universe is receiving two major updates for Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend called Penumbra and Symbiosis. Both expansions were previewed by French developers at Amplitude Studios through a two-hour long video, which you can watch down here.

And with these two new updates came a very cool piece of news: the first instalment of the franchise, Endless Space 1, is currently available to snatch for free and forever with the only requirement being your GAMES2GETHER and Steam accounts. So if you ever wanted to try this one out or you’re a fan of 4X strategy games, then you should run and do it before it’s too late.

The new expansions for Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend will add massive amounts of content, including a new playable faction for each of the two DLCs. Endless Space 2’s Penumbra expansions brings the Umbral Choir faction to the table: a sly race that can control and influence their opponents by building hidden sanctuaries and sneaking into other planets under the shadows. Penumbra also adds a hacking feature that’ll make players immerse themselves into espionage and political manipulation.

Endless Space 2

On the other hand, Endless Legend gets the Symbiosis expansion, which also includes a new faction called The Mykara. These are a like mutant shrooms that have some hive-like powers. They don’t need to destroy your cities, they can just grow on top of them and claim control. They also have underground roots that can sprawl all over massive territories to ensure themselves resources and power. Symbiosis also adds a new feature to Endless Legend: a giant beast called the Urkan that can be controlled by one faction, only before another one claims it for themselves.

All in all it’s a big day for fans of the Endless Universe, and for those who want to try the first one for free and add it permanently to their Steam’s libraries, then you can do that for free here.