Road to Guangdong is a colorful ’90s road trip

Take a colorful trip across China to rebuild your family legacy. 

Road to Guangdong is a unique and colorful adventure that finds you joining the team of aunt and niece Guu Ma and Sunny as they road trip their way across ’90s Guangdong.

The game, from the publisher of Jalopy, features a trip cel-shaded art style that finds the family driving from place to place in their family car on a journey across China to rekindle their family restaurant and meet plenty of new friends along the way. It looks like their family car might need a little TLC along the way, but it should be reliable enough to get them where they’re going.

You’ll be solving puzzles, making important choices, and meeting colorful characters along the way, which means it should be a pretty exciting experience. It has the look of narrative Virginia, almost, if you’re familiar with that indie adventure, though we surmise it’s probably a lot funnier than that occasionally disturbing head trip.

The game is coming to PC via Steam’s Early Access program on May 16, so if you can’t wait to travel across China and see what Just Add Oil Games has been up to, be sure to mark your calendar and try the game out when it hits Early Access. The devs are looking for feedback on their driving, traffic, and repair systems, and you’ll be able to try out the first chapter to offer it to them.